An Invite to my “A Year of Weather” Followers…

Hi everyone! Those of you who are email subscribers already know this – I had a new website designed this past summer by the amazing Kayla Walters at Good Cheer Web Design, and my blog runs through it now. We realized the other day that those of you who are wordpress followers probably have notContinue reading “An Invite to my “A Year of Weather” Followers…”

The Chemo Emo and her Cloud

On our first summer weekend at the lake, I set out to do what I always do – take solace in the water. Whether it’s playing mermaids with my daughter, water-skiing, swimming, or paddling a canoe, my favourite thing in the world is to be buoyed forth, coasting weightlessly on endless peaks and troughs. AfterContinue reading “The Chemo Emo and her Cloud”