Furthering our Menopausal Hormone Therapy Learning

Since I wrote “New Information for Women. Period.” on this blog, I have been contacted by a number of women who are interested in learning more about menopausal hormone therapy. Note: The new term is “menopausal hormone therapy,” not “hormone replacement therapy,” because nothing is being replaced, as such. Estrogen (and progesterone in women withContinue reading “Furthering our Menopausal Hormone Therapy Learning”

“A Year of Weather” is Back, and the Weather Today is Joy with a Chance of Connection….

What does “joy” feel like in your body? For me, it is a “bubble in the chest” type of sensation, accompanied by a zinging effervescence running from pelvis to rib cage. This physical sensation is often accompanied by a feeling of limitless possibility and, for me, it is usually brought on by the prospect ofContinue reading ““A Year of Weather” is Back, and the Weather Today is Joy with a Chance of Connection….”

Thank Your Kids and Teenagers Today for Their Essential Service!

We are collectively holding our breath here. Over the last 3 weeks or so, we have physically distanced ourselves for the good of our fellow citizens. We have been told by the prime minister of Canada and the premiers, chief medical officers and health ministers of all provinces and territories to do this, and mostContinue reading “Thank Your Kids and Teenagers Today for Their Essential Service!”

Some Lucky

Quite a few years ago my husband, Asher, returned from a social gathering laughing and shaking his head. “I love the way Newfoundlanders always look on the bright side!” he said. He had overheard a story about a man who had an unfortunate accident and lost a limb. After the incident was recounted, the otherContinue reading “Some Lucky”

Old Man Cancer, My Ass!!

Each year at our local high school the grade-twelve boys and girls are taken in separate groups into the library by the school nurse so that they can learn the steps for completing self-examinations of the breasts or testicles. Teaching people screening tools such as these that they can use at home has surely savedContinue reading “Old Man Cancer, My Ass!!”

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