An Invite to my “A Year of Weather” Followers…

Hi everyone! Those of you who are email subscribers already know this – I had a new website designed this past summer by the amazing Kayla Walters at Good Cheer Web Design, and my blog runs through it now.

We realized the other day that those of you who are wordpress followers probably have not made the transition to my new page.

So, I thought I would let you know how to find me in my new space!! Below is the link to my website – you can read my blog there and you can subscribe to get all of my blogposts directly to your inbox.

I’ve been so busy building my new business! Now that things are running smoothly I am super excited to start getting blog posts out more often. I have so many pieces of new content lined up that I just have to get out into the world.

I would absolutely love to interact with you again…. I have missed you all very much 🙂

Hope to see you on my new blog page!!

2 thoughts on “An Invite to my “A Year of Weather” Followers…

  1. Hi, Janine! I just saw your first blog listed in WP Reader and wondered what was doing. Glad to hear you’ve launched a promising and much-needed business. I’m signed on and look forward to following your work and thoughts. All good wishes, Annie

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